Members of Provincial Legislature (MPLs)

Mpumalanga Province is one of nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa established in terms of the Interim Constitution, Act 200 of 1993. Following the country’s first democratic elections in 1994, the first Legislature was inaugurated in May 1994 as the Eastern Transvaal Legislature.

The Legislature is a provincial parliament and has its seat in the provincial capital, Nelspruit. Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature is constituted of 30 Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs), who are elected through a proportional representation system, i.e. in accordance to the number of votes obtained by each party in the elections in the province.

The term of the provincial legislature is five years. The Premier may dissolve the provincial legislature before the expiry of its term if the Legislature has adopted a resolution to dissolve with a supporting majority of its members and if three years have passed since the legislature was elected.

Functions of the Legislature

The Legislature has three main functions:

•    MPLs discuss, debate, amend and vote on laws for the province
•    Initiate or prepare legislation, except money Bills

•  Maintain oversight on the exercise of Provincial Executive authority in the Province, including the implementation of legislation and any

Provincial organ of state
•  Approve budgets for Provincial Government Departments
•  Question government officials about their work
•  Seek explanation how government spent their previous budgets and how they will spend their new budgets

Public participation and education
•  Conduct public hearings on laws that are envisaged
•  Educate the public on the law-making processes


DA Leader in the Provincial Legislature


Chief Whip


Additional Member