Mbombela returns R1 billion grant meant for service delivery to National Treasury

By: Cllr Trudie Grove-Morgan – DA Deputy Mpumalanga Provincial Leader

The failing ANC at the Mbombela Local Municipality returned over R1 billion meant for service delivery to National Treasury, while poor basic services and run-down infrastructure still continue to plague the municipality.

The Budget Performance Statement for August 2018 shows that only 13% was used of the R1.2 billion of grants received from Treasury by the municipality for the 2017/2018 financial year.

The funds should have been used on building houses, supplying water, building and maintaining roads and infrastructure, creating a proper transport network and good health facilities which do not exist in the municipality.

The Table below indicates the approved allocation and percentage spent as at August 2018:

  Grant   Amount Allocated in Rands                         Percentage Spent 
  1. Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)   R336 980 000   11%
  2. Electrification Programme   R31 045 000   3%
  3. Public Transport Network Grant   R203 454 000   1%
  4. Equitable Share Grant   R661 329 000   17%
  5. EPWP Programme Incentive Grant   R8 240 000   20%

Despite an amount of R203 454 million allocated for Public Transport Network Grant, only 1% was used.

Roads in Mbombela have potholes, mud, some are still gravel roads and are not safe for travelling. Some tarred roads have turned into gravel due to poor maintenance.

It is the failures of the ANC government that continue to further oppress the people of Mbombela. The failing ANC has been given too many second chances, now is time for change that puts the people first.

Poor service delivery alongside unspent grants remains a main crisis in the Province, the DA will write to the MEC of CoGTA, Speedy Mashilo and ask him to ensure that all grants are used within the financial year.

Only a DA-led government will stop corruption and ensure that public money meant for the people is spent on the people.

The DA aims to Build One South Africa For All, where every citizen can benefit from the speedy delivery of services.

For media enquiries contact:

Dumisile Masuku

Provincial Communications Manager

079 873 7590

Buchule Putini

Provincial Communications Officer

084 429 3675