Sabie hospital’s deteriorating conditions must be urgently addressed

Sabie hospital’s deteriorating conditions must be urgently addressed
by Cllr Elsie van Douwe – DA councillor in the Thaba Chweu Local Municipality

Date: 11 May 2018
Release: Immediate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has written to the management of Sabie Hospital in Mpumalanga urging them to urgently repair the deteriorating state of the institution which currently looks like a dumping-site instead of a healthcare centre.

During a recent oversight visit to the hospital, we found that the hospital was in a dire state of disrepair and as such, could not efficiently service the needs of the thousands of people who depend on it for healthcare.

Some of our findings are as follows;

• The wards were a mess and the bedding looked like scrubbing cloths;

• The pyjamas, curtains, curtain railings, windows, doors, walls, basins, toilets, water pipes and dustbins were either dirty or in a state of disrepair;

• The cleaners were not given proper cleaning chemicals and they have no uniforms to work in which resulted in them working in their casual clothing;

• Patients and staff were being bitten by the thousands of ants that covered the floors in the passages and wards;

• The kitchen and bathrooms were in such a state of disrepair that they posed health hazard;

• Outside, there was uncollected litter in bins and on the ground;

• A Mobile Clinic truck and a tractor were standing outside in a state of disrepair;

• Some of the air-conditioners outside the buildings were also falling apart;

• There were piles of linen in the wards which staff said was because washing machines were broken, and laundry was being transported to Mkhuhlu Hospital daily; and

• The Chronic Ward in the female section is small and cramped. There is a broken curtain rail attached to an open window to prevent it from falling. This is where chronically ill patients are housed, a lot of them cannot walk and are forced to watch one another suffer in this small room.

The conditions at Sabie Hospital are a major source of stress for the patients and the community at large.

It is concerning that despite recent upgrades to the hospital, it appears as if there has been no real change and the ANC had allowed for this healthcare facility to deteriorate under their watch.

Sabie Hospital must be repaired so that the hospital can provide effective services to the thousands who depend on it. I will liaise with my colleagues in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature to urgently bring the conditions of this hospital to the attention of Health MEC, Gillion Mashego.

The DA will use every available avenue to ensure that the issues at Sabie Hospital are addressed so that the community has access to a functional hospital.

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