DA calls for the release of damning Thaba Chweu forensic audit report

The DA will submit a request for the release of the Thaba Chweu forensic audit report under the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).

This comes after a forensic audit was done on the municipality’s finances, but the full report was never made available to councillors. During a council meeting where the forensic audit report was discussed, only a portion of the report was given to councillors while the rest of the damning report was presented on a screen.

Councillors were not permitted to leave with the redacted report and no reason was given as to why they were denied physical access to the full report.

From the small portion that was made available, it is clear that blatant corruption and maladministration has taken the place of good governance and service delivery in Thaba Chweu. This municipality is currently sitting on 9 consecutive disclaimer audit opinions from the Auditor-General who has repeatedly made findings against the municipality’s non-compliance with supply chain legislation.

During this recent special council meeting, the municipality resolved to suspend CFO, Mr Leslie Mokowena. While the DA welcomes his suspension, removing one person implicated in the network of corruption that has all but collapsed Thaba Chweu does not address the municipality’s current governance crisis.

Thaba Chweu has deteriorated rapidly over the years as even main roads have disintegrated due to a lack of maintenance. Basic service delivery has become a dream for most of Thaba Chweu’s people.

Residents of Thaba Chweu have resorted to violent protests in an attempt to force the executive mayor, Cllr Selina Mashego, to release the report so that the people could see exactly where the money that was meant for service delivery went.

It is alleged that when addressing protesters, Mayor Mashego stated that she would only release the full report in 6 months’ time.

In order to stop corruption in Thaba Chweu and deliver better services, the municipality must be transparent with its councillors and its people so that all those involved in the corruption that has robbed the municipality of millions can be brought to book.

The DA will use all available avenues to ensure that the full report is released and that corruption in Thaba Chweu is rooted out.

Media Enquiries

Cllr Nicko Janse van Vuuren
DA Caucus leader in the Thaba Chweu Local Municipality
079 848 8454

Dumisile Masuku
Provincial Communications Manager
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