Provincial government’s rampant corruption holds Mpumalanga ransom

By James Masango MPL – DA Mpumalanga Provincial Leader

Date: 04 October 2017
Release: Immediate
Type: Op-Ed

The Mpumalanga provincial government’s failure to investigate 41% of allegations of fraud and corruption within its various departments is a leading cause behind the province’s stagnant economic growth.

In the 2016/17 financial year alone, the provincial government racked up R2.3 billion in irregular expenditure, 94% of which was caused by non-compliance to Supply Chain Management (SCM) legislation. Simply put, 94% of the province’s irregular expenditure is directly linked to fraud and corruption.

The Auditor-General (A-G) has once again echoed the DA’s call for change as 71% of the province’s departments and State Owned Entities showed a crisis in leadership that either required intervention or raised concern. A further 77% demonstrated poor financial and performance management while 47% lacked good governance ethos.

These damning findings prove that the ANC can no longer deny that they have failed the people of Mpumalanga at every level of governance.
The A-G noted that there was a competency gap in the provincial government which has been caused by instability and prolonged vacancies in critical positions. It is ironic that even with a bloated staff structure, the provincial government still fails to attract competent individuals who are both skilled and experienced in the positions that they hold.

This is no doubt a legacy of the ANCs cadre deployment policy where it is not your skills but your connections that land you the job. Individuals who are deployed to government positions by the ANC are not accountable to their managers but directly to the political structures that placed them there.

They no longer serve the interests of the citizens but rather cater to the interests of the party, causing a breakdown in the separation of party and state. The provincial government’s lack of accountability was noted by the A-G when it was found that 71% of the auditees did not address risks and the weakening internal controls with the required urgency.

Current events have shown that the interests of the ANC are definitely not aligned with the interests of the citizens. It is clear that the ANC is corrupt at its core and thus will not, and cannot, self-correct. Good governance, transparency and accountability have been pushed aside to make way for the network of patronage created by President Jacob Zuma and nurtured by Mpumalanga Premier, David Mabuza.

Mpumalanga needs change and the onus is now on the citizens of this province to reject the ANC and to keep voting for change at every opportunity.

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