DA Debates: International Albinism Awareness Day and Africa Public Service Day Celebration


By Bosman Grobler MPL – DA Whip in the Mpumalanga Legislature

Date: 23 June 2017
Release: Immediate
Type: Speech

Note to editors: The following debates were delivered by DA Mpumalanga Whip, Bosman Grobler MPL, in the Mpumalanga Legislature during a sitting today.

Snap Debate on: International Albinism Awareness Day

This extract was taken from the speech on International Albinism Awareness Day

“We stand here today and we talk about the International awareness of albinism, yet it is very difficult to speak about albinism if you are not directly involved with somebody affected.

I am very fortunate to have a close friend, who is the mother of a baby boy diagnosed with albinism.

The challenges and fears this mother faces on a daily basis is something society is not aware of.

Of course, she was shocked when it dawned on her that her child has albinism. Yes, there was the initial fear of being judged, being stared at and the greater fear of her child being murdered for the belief that he carries supernatural powers.

She read, and realised that greater Africa poses a much greater threat to her son, than here in South Africa.”


Snap Debate on: Africa Public Service Day Celebration

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